Valuation System

A scoring system that makes cross-border comparisons as easy as A B C.



To make things easier for clients when trading internationally, Creditsafe have created an international score. This allows you to compare company credit scores across the globe and will provide you with peace of mind, regardless. By using the same scoring range and risk descriptions for all countries, Credisafe make it even easier for you to compare reports.

Credisafe score is designed with simplicity, ranging from A-E. A being the lowest risk, D being the highest risk and E being unrated. It measures the likelihood of a company becoming insolvent within the next 12 months.

Creditsafe, the global business intelligence experts, specialising in business credit checking and all-round B2B solutions.


Creditreform, whom we’ve partnered with for risk assessment and credit check purposes, have been able to meet our demand in providing with up-tp-date financial credentials on the German-based businesses.

Being confident and competent enough, Creditreform has built a huge international network specialising on the ever-stronger global German market. Their international presence is a task number one and they succeed in assisting companies from abroad to do business securely. With 167 offices all over the globe and 4,5K employees in the pocket, they continue spreading around and being a helping hand when it comes to solvency check management decisions. 

Being reliable in the eyes of our investors is at the very heart of us. It is, therefore, crucial to put any newcoming business through the path of business check and its scoring. Trust is always a great idea, but the solvency check is way better and safer.


Along with a new type of projects, which are about to land on our platform and will be called Share Finance, comes our recently established connection with Equidam, a company comprising of a team of fintech experts with a leading financial background.

Their platform provides crucial resources for calculating the value of the companies looking to raise finance by selling their shares. It is super user-friendly and presents a step by step guidance on collecting the relevant data for business valuation using transparent and detailed valuation checkpoints. No stone is left unturned in their quest to make the most precise valuation reports possible.

It is of utmost importance for TFGcrowd that investors can make informed decisions when investing through our platform. Because over 1400 businesses from across the world have already put their trust in the valuation services provided by Equidam, we believe that these valuation reports will render TFGcrowd investors a transparent way to assess the companies they are looking to fund.

As always, we are striving to make your investment experience as easy and seamless as possible. We are very much hoping that the valuation reports obtained through Equidam will make Share Finance investment decisions as straight forward as possible.

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